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Studio Portraits in a Lounge

So I
progressed on to a 3ft umbrella with a SB800, SB600 and a couple of old Vivitar
flashgun on remotes which all work
great, usually!  The flash with umbrella certainly stopped the motion but
sent light everywhere and I struggled to light the background separately in such a cramped space.  You can see some of the
results of this on my  BlogWebsite

So, how to to
stop sending light everywhere? I now I
have a soft box attachment for the SB800 and find that I can
control the direction of the light a lot better.

I liked the umbrella with teenagers who wanted to bop around. It
seemed to light them pretty well no matter what angle they were at and the softbox was more useful for

used a flash, high up behind the
model to put highlights in the hair or to rim light them against a dark
blackground.  I
have also added a pringles tube, covered
in black tape, as a snootFree Articles, and foam cards
to act as flags to stop the flash at the back
from giving glare in the camera lens.

I found using the menu on the Nikon
D300 to control the flashes was cumbersome and now use the SU800 Commander unit which sits on the hotshoe
and is much quicker to use.

With all this kit I have enough to experiment with
and am constantly learning. It is beginning to amaze me just how tilting a light
this way or that way really affects
how the photographs look. I have read a lot but doing it in practise is
where I am really learning what I read

I am not sure what advantages studio lighting will give me  but I still have so
much to learn and explore with the equipment I already have.  If I need
more space then I will hire a local

Apartment Living

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