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How to Retain Tenants in Your Houseshare or Houses for Rent

Experienced landlords know just how hard it is to find good and reliable tenants for their houses for rent. So once good tenants have been found, either for a househare or whole property it is important for landlords to retain their tenants for as long as possible. A few simple steps can really help to make sure tenants want to stay for longer.

The first thing to consider is why tenants leave. Some tenants will be forced to leave through a change of job or lifestyle and there is little that the professional landlord can do about this. However many tenants will leave simply because they feel their problems are not being addressed and think that there are better houses for rent available. If you are renting out room in a houseshare, tenants will also be very sensitive to price increases.

Looking After Your Tenant

Landlords who want to keep their tenants should look after them properly. Tenants should feel that you care about them properly and fix any problems quickly. This alone can often prevent tenants looking at other houses for rent.

If the tenant raises a problem with the house for rent such as a shower that has stopped working or a blocked drain then you should respond by phone immediately to let them know that you are aware of the problem and to explain what you are doing about it. You should always take action on the same day, even if the tradesperson might not be available until the following day. Make the tenant feel that you a dealing with the problem as quickly as possible.

In houseshares, the landlord usually has to check the property regularly as to make sure it is clean and tidy.  This allows the landlord to spot any problems and have them fixed.

Consider Rent Increases Carefully

If you have a good relationship with your tenant and they generally pay the rent on time and keep the property in good condition, then consider any increases very carefully. An increase can often trigger the tenant to immediately start looking at other houses for rent to check how your proposed amount compares to other properties on the market. As part of this price checking the tenant may very well see another rental property that he prefers to yours.

It is important to try and keep tenants staying in houseshares for as long as possible to reduce the time and effort it takes to find new flatmates. 

Just one month’s void costs can often be substantially higher than the additional letting income that you would have collected from your tenantFree Articles, and your next tenant being so reliable. You should consider whether any proposed rent increase can be justified and whether the new rent would seem reasonable to the tenant.

Apartment Living

Buying Houses, Selling Houses or Rent Housing; Choose Your Accommodation Type Aptly


There always exist a quandary among populace if they move to a new place is to take up housing for rent or buy. Buying houses or searching apartment for rent can be cleared up by analyzing one’s own position. Personal circumstances are a major driving factor if you want to say finds a cottage or villa to buy or rent in Sweden. One needs to aptly reckon that choosing apartment for rent proffers you with fitting flexibility while if you decide to buy a house; you might not be able to relocate if the situation arises. One also should not rush into selling houses and then buying houses in another location as one is never aware of the environment, surrounding and neighbors; therefore it is highly advisable to first chip in for apartment for rent and tries to make oneself settled. It should be noticed without any reminders that buying houses can definitely be expensive than just rent housing. It is also imperative to reckon that renting is maintenance free and is more qualitative. Now that you have gained a fair idea as to whether or not to locate cottage or villa to buy or rent in Sweden, we shall discuss some of the vital considerations which should be prioritized. Checking in for all prerequisite amenities such as electrical outlets, phone connections, water supply, internet accessibility and other miscellaneous things as furnishings, etc. will also make sure that you get the best value for money while rent housing. Visiting the site personally before going into any type of contract is the best feasible solution out there. In this way you will get a nice acquaintance with the property and check for yourself the amenities accessible there. But before going into any type of agreement on buying houses or selling houses, it is utterly critical to read the contract paper carefully. Rent housing essentially represents a low maintenance lifestyle wherein the property owners are liable for any kind of imbursement or maintenance work. The sense of security that seeps in when apartment for rent is considered is more likely to attract populace rather than in customary non gated access in stand alone houses and this is a pretty comprehensible fact that secure and sheltered accommodations are loved by one and all. The minimal level of commitment associated with apartment for rent also acts as a driving force for renters. The social facet of the residents is also a consideration as no one likes to live isolated from the society. But still there are individuals who would like to be sure of selling their houses. Hunting for cottage or villa to buy or rent in Sweden can be a daunting task if you decide to do it yourself without taking any assistance whether from the World Wide Web or real estate agencies. It is however imperative not to rush into agreements and take into account all pertaining facets related to the property. Utilizing every resource accessible will definitely prove practical and supportive. Source: Free Articles from

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