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CallAssist24/7: a Modern Solution to Your Maintenance Problems

CallAssist24/7: a Modern Solution to Your Maintenance Problems

CallAssist24/7: a Modern Solution to Your Maintenance Problems

The key to running a successful apartment community is quality residents. Obtaining quality residents may be easy, but how do you retain them? CallAssist24/7 from Central Media Solution helps  apartment communities across the country do just that.

CallAssist24/7 was built specifically for the multifamily industry to meet the needs of your busy on-site and maintenance teams. Our solutions manage your calls, automate your call routing, easily create schedules for your emergency on-call maintenance team, and provide intuitive tools to manage resident and leasing inquiries so you capture every call.

Now that you know what it is, let’s talk about some of its features.

CallAssist24/7 Features

  • Photo sharing between the resident, the leasing office, and maintenance. This feature allows your maintenance team to assess the issue before going to the resident’s home, allowing them to arrive prepared and eliminating waste when it comes to service call time and materials. Your maintenance shows up prepared and your resident knows who to expect on their doorstep, providing a sense of security.
  • Work Orders. You can schedule work orders right from your mobile device, see who is on duty in the maintenance department, and make adjustments to the schedule.
  • “Morning Coffee Email”. When the property manager arrives at work each morning, they can review the communication log, maintenance requests, and work orders while sipping on their morning coffee. No need to track down the maintenance supervisor or comb through paper work orders.

CallAssist24/7: How it works

The best way to learn about CallAssist24/7 is to schedule a demo with your Central Media Solutions rep. They’ll be happy to walk you through the process. But, for now, here’s what you need to know.

  • CallAssist24/7 is not an app, it’s a mobile solution.
  • No need to download anything on your phone, it is as simple as sending a text message.
  • The resident calls in their issue.
  • The maintenance technician on duty receives a text message with the resident’s voicemail embedded. From there, the team creates a work order, and gets started.
  • Photos are shared back and forth, ensuring the maintenance team knows what they’re facing and the resident feels comfortable letting them into their home.
  • The work order is complete.
  • The property manager gets a concise email in the morning relaying the activity from the previous night.
  • The resident is happy with their service, happy with their community, and refers a friend.

Resident turnover is costly. Keep the great residents you have by utilizing all the tools in your toolbox. Schedule a demo today. Consider making these “smart” upgrades to obtain and retain quality residents.

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CallAssist24/7: A Must Have From Central Media

CallAssist24/7: A Must Have From Central Media

In the apartment business, getting and retaining quality residents is the goal. CallAssist24/7 from Central Media helps you do just that.

What exactly is CallAssist24/7?

It’s an emergency answering service and a modern solution to call management.

CallAssist24/7 Features

  • Never miss a call from a resident
  • Adjust maintenance schedules from your phone – yes, our platform works on both iPhone and Android devices
  • See your maintenance schedule and work orders all in one place
  • Photo sharing – more on that a little later

CallAssist24/7 is a streamlined communication tool that allows your residents to report an issue to the leasing office, including photos of the busted pipe or whatever their issue may be. The leasing office and the maintenance office now have all the information necessary to create a work order and schedule a repair. The resident knows when and – perhaps more importantly – who is coming to their apartment to do the repair. The maintenance team, having access to the photos sent by the resident show up prepared, allowing the repair to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. From the resident’s point of view, having a photo of the person coming to do the repair can be reassuring. Happy residents lead to long-term leasers and less turnover.

What People Are Saying About CallAssist24/7

“The training made the conversion go very smoothly. Call Assist is so easy to use, our staff caught on very quickly.”

“The ability to see all after-hours calls in one morning email has been very beneficial for the management staff to ensure all work orders are being addressed in a timely manner.”

“The administrative side to CallAssist is so wonderful. Making changes to the roster, updating on-call list – with CallAssist it’s so fast and easy, freeing the management team up to work on other tasks.”

Still not convinced? Give the page a “like” on Facebook for more information and schedule a demo with your rep today!

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